Female Aasimar


Appears typically varisian, but with Amber Jewel-toned eyes, and small strands of hair that sparkle like Onyx


Esme (as per parents and close friends call her) was born to a Varisian Nomadic couple. The wandering of her caravan, and close-knit nature of her extended family, helped to hide and nurture the young Aasimar. Since they were never in one place for very long, the locals did not have a chance early on to notice the slow aging of one of their crew. Being the only Aasimar born to her caravan, she was embraced by her extended family, but was constantly treated as the youngest member, even by those older than her. Due to the attention (good natured, or otherwise) that normally follows Aasimar, she was only allowed to travel cloaked, and required someone with her when venturing out of the Caravan. It wasn’t until the death of her parents that she chose to leave the Caravan and seek adventure and fortune, though she still keeps contact with the members of her Caravan.

Thanks to her travels, she fluently speaks Thassilonian, Common, Celestial, Varisian, Tian, Elven, Goblin, and Infernal. (She does not discuss how she learned to speak Goblin, Infernal, or any of what would be deemed the more ‘unsavory’ of languages). She tends to pick up languages quickly, and is a bit of a snoop and an eavesdrop, which is why she seems to know so much about a variety of topics…


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